Essence VIP is committed to providing you with gorgeous hair color, confidence building haircuts, retexurizing hair treatments and succulent moisturizing conditioners.


Locks/Locs $85 and up
Virgin Relaxer $125 and up
T-up Relaxer $95 and up
Shampoo & Style on Relax Hair $75
Shampoo & Set $75
Flat Iron/Chi Iron Straightening/Silk Press $95 and up
Hair Cut Only $50
Blowout & Cut $80 and up
Semi Permanent Color $50 and up
Permanent Color $75 and up
Hair Weaves $225 and up
Shot of Olaplex $20 and up
Scalp Wellness Treatments $15 and up
Global Keratin Treatment $250 and up
Virgin Silk Press $125 and up
Creative hair color prices based upon consultation.

Scalp Wellness Treatments

EssenceVIP scalp wellness treatments are essential for beautiful healthy hair your water greatly affects your hair because there are Invisible minerals in the water which attach to your hair like a magnet and can cause dryness, lack of volumne and shine, dandruff, eczema, thinning hair, scalp sensitivity and itching. At EssenceVIP we understand that it is not what you put on your hair but what you take off that makes an incredible difference in how your hair looks & feels. The solution is Freshly formulated vitamins C and E to remove visible and invisible particles from your hair, including minerals, chlorine, environmental pollution, medications, styling products, resins and other elements that attach onto the hair and can interfere with the success of our superior salon services.

Benefits of Vitamin E and Vitamin C for the scalp and hair

∗ Acts as a protective barrier against damaging ultraviolet rays. ∗ Helps stop and prevent further oxidation of chemicals used in relaxing, perming, and coloring that can cause breakage, itchiness, and flaking. ∗ Vitamin C helps to remove minerals and oxidizers while closing the cuticle to promote shiny, healthy hair. * Vitamin E replenishes moisture to hair. ∗ Helps to control the symptoms associated with dandruff and eczema. ∗ Can help to prevent the oxidation of testosterone - a major cause of hair loss. ∗ Helps to control severly itchy scalps. PLEASE give us a call and ask us how our wellness treatments can benefit your hair!

Global Keratin Treatments

The hair smoothing system with JUVEXIN which reduces frizz and makes hair shiny, radiant and more manageable on all types of hair, including colored, permed, relaxed, highlighted, bleached and even virgin hair. This treatment maintains hair's natural properties by creating a shield over each strand, penetrating the cuticle, restoring it from the inside out while protecting and reparing damages caused by relaxers, color, daily styling and even aging. We find it to be an exceptional treatment for those clients with natural hair who do not want a relaxer but want more styling options during the summer months and when exercising.